Emptying Y-farms Slurry Lagoon

The end of a very busy week, spent predominantly at Y-Farms impressive 6000m³ slurry lagoon.  Following the forager, as soon as the grass was off, we were busy pumping, tanking and disk injecting to complete our mission of emptying the lagoon.

Using the Xerion, fitted with our disk injector to aerate the heavily compacted grounds, we were able to inject directly into the soil.  Grazing was quickly able to resume, with all available nutrients immediately put to work enriching the root.

Working alongside the Xerion, our umbilical system tailored to Y-Farms specifications; fitted with our 12 metre Vogelsang Dribble Bar.  With the help of the 170hp engine we were capable of pumping over 250m³ per hour!

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