Our Services

Our services are carried out by a fleet of modern and up to date machinery enabling us to provide a professional and reliable service.
Specialising in all methods of accurate slurry application, liquid waste management and digestate distribution.

terra 1
Holmer Terra Variant 600

Running with its meter wide tyres, the Holmer is a low compaction, self-propelled unit.  Suitable in all weathers and specifically designed to administer large volumes of slurry.

John Deere 1
Umbilical Slurry System

Five inch pipes run to the field providing plenty of built up back pressure. These are then fed directly into smaller four inch pipes insuring the field is kept in the best possible condition.


Suitable for all weather conditions, our cultivator churns the slurry into the ground. The low compaction tyres of the Xerion glide across the field insuring no tyre marks are left



Our 650HP John Deere 8600i forage harvester is by far the most intelligent yet economical machine of its time and is equipped with a state of the art Harvest Lab, capable of analysing its contents 17 times per second.



Our lightweight and compact Krone mowers are equipped with CV conditioners that assist in speeding up the wilting process.  The right-angle and V-type steel tines treat the crop across the full width of the mower bed.



With the help of our brand new 15 ton excavator, we tackle all agricultural and industrial tasks.  Completed works include:  Lagoon Construction, drainage works, large-scale landscaping, ditching and a wide variety of ground works.

Ground Preparation

Ground preparation services including: seeding, ring rolling, flat rolling, topping & harrowing

Digestate Application

We supply, transport and applicate high quality Digestate, perfect for both arable and grasslands.

Muck Spreading & Tanking

Our fleet of 3000+ gallon tankers enables us to provide a prompt, productive service.

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