Holmer Terra Variant Slurry Application

Running with its metre wide tyres, the Holmer is a low compaction, self-propelled unit.  Suitable in all weathers and specifically designed to accurately administer high volumes of slurry or digestate.  Its 4,600 gallon tank takes under 60 seconds to load, with the large arm at the front of the machine allowing it to suck effortlessly from either our nurse tank or tankers.

Holmer disc
Holmer disc 1

Disc Injection

Disc injecting is our most popular process of slurry application.  The 9 metre wide Veenhuis injector is fitted to the back of the Holmer and uses its 42 individual discs to cut seamlessly through the soil, injecting the slurry directly to the root.  This reduces the amount of ammonia and increases the nitrogen benefits. Crop contamination is minimised greatly as no slurry is applied to the leaf. Grazing can resume almost immediately.

12 and 24 metre Dribble Bar application

Our 12 metre section controlled Vogelsang Dribble Bar is the latest edition to our application formation.  Fitting comfortably to the back of the Holmer and working within tramlines this system is perfect for cereal grounds, the dribble bar helps to minimise the loss of nitrogen and applys the slurry to both soil and crop.

Holmer dribble


Suitable for all weather conditions, our cultivator churns the slurry into the ground. The low compaction tyres of the Holmer glide across the field insuring no tyre marks are left – even in the wettest of weather! The finished result produces perfectly blended soil.  In many cases the ground is in a sufficient condition to drill, ploughing is not always necessary.

terra 1
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