Our brand new 650HP John Deere 8600i forage harvester runs with extra-wide tyres to provide greater ground clearance and lower compaction.
This harvester is by far the most intelligent yet economical machine of its time and is equipped with a state of the art Harvest Lab, capable of analysing its contents 17 times per second. The built in LAB records the results and produces a detailed report for the operator to assess. We are able to link these results to the head control system for a cut length based upon the individual moisture reading, this ensures we provide the best quality forage.
It has been proven that tailoring the chop length to the correct specifications reduces the air pockets in the silage when compacted. Calculating the weight of your clamp then becomes a simple task, certain of the exact forage harvested, you are able to accurately identify the requirements for the supplementary additives needed to benefit your ration.


The 12 row maize header allows the harvester to move swiftly across the land reducing the compaction of the ground.  It’s on board self-loading system guarantees each trailer is filled to its preferred capacity ensuring there is no wastage.

Analysing an already clamped crop is another valuable feature the Harvest LAB offers.  We are able to monitor the development of a clamp throughout the year by taking samples and assessing the moisture content.

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